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Well, I haven't done a critique in a while, and since you're requesting one, I'll take a crack at it in lieu of a comment. As to the st...

Expectant graphic novel cover by dashinvaine

Okay, this is the first "critique" I've tried. I figure you (Gordon-Dashinvaine) know my own artistic trends well enough to take everyt...


Now Available at an Amazon Near You

Rats in the Cellar, Part 2 can be purchased at here:…

Rats in the Cellar Part 2 by collared-by-faile  Rats in the Cellar Part 2 Bonus Image 1 by collared-by-faile

As with Rats, Part 1, availability at will follow soon, while has yet to carry Rats, Part 1. There are eight bonus images, one of which was inspired/demanded by Tim's narrative (really delicious). =) At 158 pages, it's thicker than Part 1, too, and full of "naughty bits."

Buyer's Comments

"[I]f you look for a fantastic gift for Christmas...this is it!"…

Also Available at an Amazon Near You

Rats in the Cellar, Part 1 can be purchased at here:…

and on here:…

Regarding Amazon. ca (Canada), a fellow deviant looked into it and left this comment below:…

Here are some images from collared-by-faile ‘s recent postings about it.

Rats in the Cellar Part 1 is ready to purchase! by collared-by-faile          Rats in the Cellar Part 1 interior image by collared-by-faile

A quick FAQ for those who might have questions about it.

*Why “Part 1”? Why break the chapter into two parts? Perfect-bound paperback books like this have a tendency to split down the spine if they are very thick; I’ve split many myself. So we made it thin to be more durable, and also because it will make it easier to publish each chapter given the effort it takes to put such a thing together. Rats in the Cellar, Part 2 is already in the stages that Part 1 was in last March, and we have our processes down a lot better now, having completed this one.

*Why so expensive? Twenty dollars seems high for only half a chapter. Yes, I guess that’s true. If we had gone for lower quality images we could have cut the price to about $10 per book, but the difference in appearance was too great. As it is, the artwork in the $20 publication looks about 75%-80% as good as the images that I’ve posted here, and I reworked all of them so that they looked as good as possible when printed on paper. Then we opted for full-color printing on appropriate paper, and that raised the minimum price to $17.05. We raised the price to $19.95 for one reason: other books in the storyline will come out a bit thicker with a minimum price around $19 by our calculations, and we don’t intend to charge over $19.95 for any of them. In fact, we intend to charge $19.95 for each book that comes out, no matter how low a royalty that gives us. At $19.95, we stand to make about $1.70 for each one, and given how things are looking in the storyline, that’ll be the biggest royalty we’ll get in the whole run.

*Will there be a digital version available? Yes, there will. When Rats in the Cellar, Parts 1 and 2 are both published, we will work on releasing a digital e-book of one kind or another that includes all of both parts. We’ve been looking at options for that for a while, and we’re still looking. Part of the problem is that to include artwork that is the main feature of the storyline, Kindle doesn’t work all that well. The best option at this point is a pdf, but we’re looking for something that isn’t quite so easy to distribute illegally, because, let’s face it, I don’t want to spend even one minute worrying about that kind of thing. But I do have a vested interest in the market economy and in particular (you can even buy food there!). So, if you have ideas, please send me a suggestion. Also, in the digital version I hope to include the alternative narratives that were provided by interested writers a few years ago, assuming they’re still interested, along with an audio reading of the official narrative by someone who has a nice, sexy reading voice (NOT me…).

*So, what do I get for my $20? The narrative is really cool. Timothy Magnussen, who provided it, gave Valerin, Albert, Deirdre, Anna, and even the gremlins interesting, distinct voices and characterizations. All 9 Prologue images and 4 tribute images I’ve posted here are there, along with three new storyline images that aren’t posted here on dA. The cover, seen in the images above, is really pretty nice, if I say so myself.

*Is the book just like the images and story posted on dA? Very close, but the narrative is much, much better, and then there are the three new images I added to it as well. Plus, I edited the images to reduce the inconsistencies in Valerin’s armor (elbow pads, or no elbow pads?, studs on the armor, or no studs on the armor?). Also, dA viewers should note that some of the content that has been avoided to keep up with dA’s posting standards has been included in the publication. In the Rats chapter, that’s not an issue, but the nudity and sexuality of the storyline do get more explicit as things progress, and both the hardcopy publications and digital versions will not pull those punches (as it were) like was done for dA. Viewers need not be concerned that pages upon pages of rat-men having sex with cat witches will suddenly show up, but the images that currently do exist on dA will be included without censoring of any kind, and sexual material will be present here and there. Again, for Rats, there’s no real difference. For later chapters, there will be.

*Do you really think you’re going to make any money off of this deal? Who the hell is asking this one? That’s never been my concern, nor my goal. I make money teaching Math and Stats. I draw and tell stories because I love to do so. Here I’m telling a story that I love to tell. If you want it in your hands, get it and enjoy. If not, don’t. All I ask is that if you do get it, and you like it, please leave some feedback on the Amazon page and/or let me know what you think of it in a note here on dA.

Regardless, my thanks to all who have been interested in this and left me comments and notes and praises and favorites and such to indicate this. You’re all the best. =)

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dhisatake Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015  New member

Wow, your art is looking as great as ever.  If I said, Jeff C, Derrick, James, and Erik ring any bells?

Been a long time.  Looks like the same style of art I've seen way back when.  Keep up the good work.
faile35 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015   Traditional Artist
=D Bells are indeed ringing! Would you by chance be one of that esteemed group, "The Professionals"? :laughing: Lots of fun we had back then, my friend. Thanks for the compliment, and I hope things are going well in your corner of the world. :nod:
dhisatake Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015  New member
I would be one. This is Derrick. You can hit me up at 
amichaelc93 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015
Hello there,

Not an arty person myself but my housemate was and always went on about this site, and in particular your drawings! (He thought of himself as a pinup woman artist)

The fact that I can't draw makes me respect any of those who can, and you sir are very good at what you do. The characters are brilliant and beautiful, facial expressions drawn to such a degree that I could tell what was being thought/said before I read the storyline; which in itself is imaginative and so well played out.

My point is that I'm considering buying the books that you create, so:

A) I'm UK, is that an issue?
B) when will they all be finished so I could buy "a set"
C) when will the next chapter, web of betrayal?, be up so I can get back into reading this storyline. I knew nothing about it two days ago, now I want to know what happens!!

Cheers and please keep doing what you're doing
faile35 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015   Traditional Artist
Thanks a bunch! I'm glad you've enjoyed what you've found here and are interested in what's still to come. Let's see how I do with your questions.

A) I believe Rats in the Cellar (both Part 1 and Part 2) are available on Here's a link to my title-offerings page there:…

B) When will they all be finished? I have consulted a well-known visionary and psychic on this regard, but Madame Zirena's response was fairly inconclusive and I haven't been able to reach her for more clarification. ;) If one examines my pace over the last few years, one will find that I manage about 1.3 chapters each year, though that is a bit misleading because while the chapters are longer these days, I'm also more efficient at drawing them and have a bit more time in general to put toward it. At the rate of 1.3 chapters per year, which will include the full revision of Twisted Plot and a partial revision of Fair Harvest, we are looking at me starting the last chapter in 2017. My goal is to put out three publications (half-chapters, essentially) every year until the thing is completely available. Any "set" will be made available after that is done, and after I finally get to put together a book full of bloopers. :nod:

C) I am currently finishing up my drawing goals for 2014, which will include a late Bikini Babes in Peril calendar for 2015 and an early one for 2016. I'm almost half done with the two of them, after which I will turn my primary efforts on Twisted Plot's revision (I intend to get the Part 1 publication out in the late Spring) and the secondary efforts on Web of Betrayal. So, assuming that's close to the way things go, it'll be early March before I post the first Web of Betrayal images, and they'll go a bit slowly until the Twisted Plot revision work is soaring to conclusion (early to mid-summer), at which point it'll gain first priority and zoom ahead.

Thank you! I'm glad to have contact with interested people, and I hope you'll continue to drop a line here and there where you're inspired. =)
amichaelc93 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015
Only just noticed a response!

Thanks :), well I'll continually check back.

One of those people where I only buy in sets so the sooner all of the chapters are done and I can pick up a "collection" the better for me! Until then I'll continually check back here to see updates

Keep going dude your work is incredible!
NEWATLAS7 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015
Thanks for the :+fav:! :)
faile35 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015   Traditional Artist
You're welcome and my pleasure. =D
Paudraic Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Patrick's New Year's Toast copy by Paudraic
faile35 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014   Traditional Artist
Thank you! And likewise, I wish you a wonderful year as well. =D
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