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brownsuz Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
Hi.  I love your work, but I really hate it when deviants kill off the heroines.  People who "get off" on women being eaten by snakes (or men for that matter) are sick puppies.  I'm a woman and I am kind of embarrassed by liking this stuff, and being raped is one thing, but being killed is quite another.  Besides, if you have a really awesome heroine, you can bring her back for another misadventure.  BTW, I love the way you tell the background story.  I hate those deviants who give us a "scene" of a damsel in peril, but give us no background for why she is in that situation. 

And if you really teach statistics, I forgive you.
ForeverNyte Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're embarrassed to like this stuff, but others are "sick puppies"? Being raped is one thing, but being killed is another? 

You do know that the majority of human beings can differentiate fantasy and reality, right? 

I'm a perfectly functional human being with a lovely family, lots of friends, who treats everyone they come across with kindness and compassion. I've never physically harmed a person in my life. If you knew me, you'd never guess that I "get off" on art depicting women being devoured by snakes. You'd probably never even guess that I like to dance. In fact, you'd probably like me.

But one tiny facet of my entire being makes me a "sick puppy"?

You should reconsider using insulting umbrella terms to judge people. By grouping every single person into one category that you dislike,'re smart, you know how that ends. That's more dangerous than my little fantasy. I'd rather be a "sick puppy" than close-minded, or like you said above, embarrassed by the things I enjoy.
kyrtuck Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah I know, when the damsel in question gets killed then it tends to ruin the fetish for me too. :nod:
faile35 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014   Traditional Artist
Thank you for the compliment, and for sharing your perception and viewpoint on a delicate, sensitive subject. For the record, no woman in this storyline has been killed save for Annalae's mother, which was pictured in the background here:… . Honestly, I didn't even like drawing that part on that page, but given the amount of powerful conflict in this storyline, I find it very hard to believe that no single woman would be slain in all of it. Even still, that event was not pictured "happening," but was only an event of the distant past that had a profound impact on Annalae and other characters in the present. Of course, many men are getting killed and turned into corpses, which strangely enough doesn't bother me nearly as much in a fantasy work like this. In real life, however, I hold life more sacred than that, for women, men, and most animals (beyond bugs that intrude into my home, which I kill with little hesitation and mercy). Your comment about the relative gravity of rape vs murder is something I agree with wholeheartedly.

In this storyline, all of the women who have been abducted by the bad guys are not truly dead, but have been transformed and transported to another realm called "the Otherness." In "Demon's Due," the Otherness is treated like a type of Afterlife, but as we will see in the next chapter, women who go there can return with some difficulty. Regarding the complaint you made about "...deviants who give us a 'scene' of a damsel in peril, but give us no background for why she is in that situation," I also prefer to know more about the before and after of such an event, no matter how much I may like the stand-alone image or short collection of images that show us "just the action." That preference is very influential in how I am putting this whole storyline together, although I'm not sure if you are intending to label me as one of "those deviants" or not. I think you were paying me a compliment there, too (thanks again =) ), but I was a bit confused. Drea's story stretches for 100+ pages before the constrictor-carpet attack begins, and it will continue for many more after the attack ends, with little or none of her blood being shed, and her life never being truly "lost."

Also, I find that fantasy art is a wonderful tool for allowing artist and viewers to come to terms with things that make them uncomfortable. I would say "embarrassment" would fall in that category if I were the one feeling it, but you may feel differently. I personally have a rather difficult time labeling people disparagingly for the things they find entertaining. In my life I've found that openly hating and using name-calling like "sick puppies" does as much or more to ruin the world as drawing a picture of a damsel in distress ever could. There are many tastes in entertainment, food, lifestyle, and such that I don't share, but I've come to find real value in allowing others to discover and enjoy their personal preferences without discouragement and disparagement from me. Now, if those fans of art that shows violence against women (anyone) were to prefer the same kind of activities in reality, I probably would refer to them with a label like "sick puppies" but a bit more graphic and profane. :nod:

Lastly, yes, I do indeed teach Statistics and Math, and I do indeed completely understand why you'd feel that way about it. ;)

Thanks for the comment! =)
brownsuz Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
Thank you for the thorough explanation.  I did not realize that you have written a whole story so I shall have to read it.  Some of my favorite deviants (that is not my word, but the site's) keep putting their heroines through all types of peril, and I get attached to them.  I know that they are well-endowed pixels, but as long as they keep coming back for more (is it me or are all the heroines--amazons, wonder women, etc.--dumb as sticks?), I'm happy to watch them fall into the same traps.  Actually, I wouldn't mind having the monopoly on the chloroform industry in that part of the fantasy world that these stories take place. 

I don't mean to label people because if anyone knew that I look at these myself, they would be totally shocked.  So I have no right to judge others although I try not to be a judgemental person in any way.  I have always had eclectic tastes in everything so I can appreciate both a Monet and appreciate Wonder Woman being chloroformed for the 1000th time.

It's fun to be a little deviant. 

I also like your artwork because it's drawn, and the faces and expressions are much more lifelike.

So I shall be following you.  I am fairly new to D A and I find that their site could be a bit more user-friendly as I am not a geek in any sense of the word.

And by the way, Statistics PLUS Advanced Statistics almost cost me my MBA. I muddled through, however.  I'm not a math but an word-loving person--not a deductive mind but an inductive one (according to my Advanced Stats professor who passed me because he felt sorry for me and I had gone to all the classes and done all the assignments.  Plus it's hard for you men to resist a woman in tears).

Take care!
faile35 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014   Traditional Artist
Oh, I am relieved you didn't take my response to be hurtful. :phew: And I really do enjoy reading others' opinions about these themes unless they are throwing a lot of accusations around--when I read those, I tend to offer up some kind of protective bit even if I end up sticking my foot in my mouth (which happens much too regularly for me to be proud about anything). But your comments here are appreciated, and the enjoyment you have outlined is shared by many that comment on these pages. I hope you'll comment again, and I hope you'll enjoy what gets posted. If commenting is not to your liking, please consider notes--I really love to hear what things people are enjoying about the storyline and art. :nod:

Regarding Stats, again you are not alone. Thinking quantitatively and appreciating stochastic methods ("Stats") does not come easy to most people I've encountered. My undergraduate program was straight Math (no Stats), and I detested the single Stats course I had to take. My opinion of it remained that way for about 15 years, at which point I had an epiphany of sorts, and now I love the subject. But I still remember the outlook on life, learning, and academics I had back when I detested it. So, I hear you, I sympathize, and I do empathize a little. I'm glad you got your MBA regardless--there is definitely room in the world for people who can't do Stats but possess solid skills with the written and spoken word. :salute: I am curious about what you covered in your Advanced Statistics course, but if it brings up too many foul memories and negative feelings to consider it, please avoid trying to satisfy my curiosity. =)

Above all, thanks again, and for the compliments. =)
brownsuz Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
You are Jeff, right?  I could not recall the topics covered in my Advanced Stats course if I were cursed to be the plaything of horny gremlins as Val was.  Maybe I could lull them to sleep if I had my textbook and started quoting "stochastic methods" to them, then make my escape.  I don't even remember what "stochastic" means. 

ha, ha!  I got my MBA in 1985 and I tell my husband it might as well have been 1885, lol. 

I will be happy to comment.  You should do a story about Hades and Persephone--plenty of sex and nudity (both of them) plus the kidnapping.  However, it would have to have a happy ending as I am a relentless romantic although cynical about mankind in real life.  I don't understand why talented artists like you don't do more myths or--God forbid--fairy tales.  It might attract a more genteel audience, although it's not as much fun as seeing nude women bound (although I think there might have been some of that in the myth.  Hades was a lusty guy.).  Then again, the D A site wouldn't attract many genteel people with an occasional pervy side, such as moi.

Regardless, I enjoy the repartee and will definitely lend my point of view to your comments. 
faile35 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014   Traditional Artist
I am Jeff, and I will look forward to the repartee and your point of view. Thanks a bunch!

:laughing: "stochastic metho....d....szzzzz" :sleep:
loxmova Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013
It would be awesome to see Drea end in the snakes stomach!!
Silvernistoo Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Student General Artist
Great job and story! Can't wait for the next part of the story! Hope it won't take long!
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